Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Picture Frame Weekly Plan

I stumbled across this adorable little ditty on Pinterest awhile back. Finally got around to making my own!
from Next 2 Heaven, a blogger with tons of neat ideas for your home. I loved the idea of using this frame for a planner! You can purchase the frame @ Walmart for around $11 and the glass provides the perfect "dry-erase" surface! I like to customize things and take them over the top, and as a lover of all things "scrapbooked looking" had my own take on this idea. 

1. While I love black frames and they work perfectly in my living room, this piece is going in my office soooo I purchased a dark brown stained frame instead. 
2. I love things that have custom, homemade touches, so I used a lot of stamping in my version. 
3. We have a Christian home so I opted to sub in a very fitting Bible verse in place of "Our Week".
4. Did I mention, I love scrapbooking? Oh, I did? My bad...well, because of this, I made my frame a little more that style.
Here is what I came up with!.....

dun dun dun....

biiiiig reveal.... (ha. ok, I'm done)

I think that insane glare really adds something, don't you? I tried to use the "shine-remover" option on Google Images but apparently that only works for oily skin ;)

Definitely need to go back in and write that Bible verse better buuuut I love Psalm 121 and these specific verses from that chapter seemed fitting: "The LORD keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forevermore."  Love. It. 

Just a closer look at how I did each of the days...

All edges are stamped per my "no plain edges obsession" and I love this color scheme. Really fun for a kind of whimsical, vintage look that is still silly enough for family life. 

The only steps there really are in this project are to purchase a frame, design your own little images for each frame and put them in. Be creative, everyone has a different style/taste! Doesn't get much simpler than that, folks! Great beginner's idea! :)

I hope you enjoyed and that I have done justice to this cute idea! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Copycat that I am...

I sooooo enjoy a good craft, diy or anything of that nature! I will use this humble little webspace to post some of my own ideas but also share and feature tons of little gems that I have discovered elsewhere and my individual take on the projects, tweaks etc. And seriously who does NOT loooove Pinterest? If you don't, well..people don't like to hear that so keep it to yourself ;) Lots of my ideas are something I found on Pinterest and have modified to my own liking/tastes or even, you guessed it...COPIED! *shrieks of terror* I should add that if it is not my own creation, you shall be the first to know. :)

Please contact me if you have something extra special that you feel I HAVE. GOT. TO. FEATURE.  orrrrrr if you absolutely LOVE something that I have posted, please link back to me and let me know you have featured me!