Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Picture Frame Weekly Plan

I stumbled across this adorable little ditty on Pinterest awhile back. Finally got around to making my own!
from Next 2 Heaven, a blogger with tons of neat ideas for your home. I loved the idea of using this frame for a planner! You can purchase the frame @ Walmart for around $11 and the glass provides the perfect "dry-erase" surface! I like to customize things and take them over the top, and as a lover of all things "scrapbooked looking" had my own take on this idea. 

1. While I love black frames and they work perfectly in my living room, this piece is going in my office soooo I purchased a dark brown stained frame instead. 
2. I love things that have custom, homemade touches, so I used a lot of stamping in my version. 
3. We have a Christian home so I opted to sub in a very fitting Bible verse in place of "Our Week".
4. Did I mention, I love scrapbooking? Oh, I did? My bad...well, because of this, I made my frame a little more that style.
Here is what I came up with!.....

dun dun dun....

biiiiig reveal.... (ha. ok, I'm done)

I think that insane glare really adds something, don't you? I tried to use the "shine-remover" option on Google Images but apparently that only works for oily skin ;)

Definitely need to go back in and write that Bible verse better buuuut I love Psalm 121 and these specific verses from that chapter seemed fitting: "The LORD keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forevermore."  Love. It. 

Just a closer look at how I did each of the days...

All edges are stamped per my "no plain edges obsession" and I love this color scheme. Really fun for a kind of whimsical, vintage look that is still silly enough for family life. 

The only steps there really are in this project are to purchase a frame, design your own little images for each frame and put them in. Be creative, everyone has a different style/taste! Doesn't get much simpler than that, folks! Great beginner's idea! :)

I hope you enjoyed and that I have done justice to this cute idea!